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Vision Works Introduces the Musical Talents of Outcry

Vision Works Entertainment fuses pulsating rhythmic, pop, R&B, rock and other contemporary genres. Delight in the joy of dance, while lyrics reflect on relevant issues faced in America and abroad. But the real beauty of Vision Works music lies in the fact that no matter how troublesome the issues are your spirit is somehow. magically lifted into the realm of hope and endless possibilities.

Listen To Tracks:
It's Just Me
Worthy of Your Love
Help Me Find the Answer for Myself
It's Over
I Got Your Back
What God Gave Me, You Can’t Take
Afraid of the Dark
Wisdom's Song
I Keep Crying
Get Up and Dance


Creatively directed and produced by Vision, Outcry is comprised of three electrifying and talented sisters, Edna - (13), Alinah - (10) and Wisdom - (7). These three sisters may be young at heart but oh so wise in spirit. Both intellectually and musically gifted, Outcry has found a way to musically call out to us; "Come and hear from the hearts and minds of who we are, what we need, and the challenges we face as the next generation". The world community is listening and responding to this call!!! "Outcry's" extraordinary arrangements and lyrics coupled with their inescapable appeal captivate audiences wherever they perform. Their unique blends of stimulating dance rhythms mixed with informative lyrics inspire children and adults to joyfully dance while taking in a wealth of knowledge. What some may fail to hear from adults is impossible to escape from with the musical genesis of Outcry!



Outcry's debut CD "It's Just Me" will be available in our online store in the Spring of 2009.

Be sure to check out "I Got Your Back" written by thirteen year old Edna Vision. It is a powerful track that highlights the song writing talents of this young powerhouse.


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