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“Vision Works Books present positive images and uplifting stories that help children to develop a strong self-image and effective interpersonal skills. With messages that are accessible to children and that help teach the core values of strong communities, these
books are a pleasure not only to children, but also to families and care givers.”
Dr. Edison O. Jackson - President, Medgar Evers College

“David and Mutiya Vision have collaborated on a series of children's books that reflect their own warmth, closeness and understanding of life, and children in particular. There is an uplifting feeling to the philosophy behind their books. I would recommend them to any family, but especially to a family with young children.”
George D. Goldman, Ph.D. Licensed Psychologist
- Retired Supervisor of Psycho Therapy, Director of the Post Doctoral Psychotherapy
- Center of Adelphi University

“If Only I Could! What a wonderful way to share your values with your child! This inspiring read me-a-story, story, with its brilliant colorful illustrations is certain to allure and captivate young minds and hearts. It's simple yet heartwarming message teaches and encourages all ages!”
Fran Correa, UNICEF - New York Headquarters

“What Makes Me Beautiful is a wonderful celebration of inner beauty that stems from family values. The book opens the door for conversation about personal beauty that transcends physical characteristics. Children are inspired to think deeply about the concept of beauty and how their actions are a reflection of the beauty they have within. This book is an excellent resource for a character education unit.”
Michele Rawlins- Principal, P.S 287

“The rich language and mature reflection of such a difficult situation in Missing You truly celebrates vivid images and feelings- feelings we too often tuck away when someone passes.”
Joann DuBiel, Educational Consultant -
The Reading & Writing Project,
Columbia University

“This series can be used as an authentic learning curriculum, because through reading, students will study the human condition and come away with an understanding of the power of literature.In a culture where children are being raised to be mindless consumers, these books celebrate the kind of communities that prepare children to be positive adults.”
Susan Molholm, Reading Coach P.S. 81

“I was quite impressed with these books, particularly Adapt and What Makes Me Beautiful. As a teacher, I'm always on the look -out for quality literature that is not only entertaining, but teaches values as well. I will order books to read to my daughter. I know that she will thoroughly enjoy listening to Daddy Loves His Baby Girl. I can't wait until they publish more books!”
Joyce Beckles-Knights, Literacy Coach, P.S. 81 - Project Director, Elmy's Special Services, Inc.

“Vision Works has truly made the connection between young children's experiences and learning. The topics in each book will stimulate conversations that children, parents and teachers can have about real life experiences, strength, achievement and pride. These books are an excellent foundation for developing critical thinking skills in young children.”
Sharyn Marsh, Educator

"My Choices Make Me Who I Am is a book for the times. It's thoughtful, has universal appeal and great illustrations. I particularly like how the book shows the child's developing spirituality as he connects his choices and decisions to the outcomes or situations in his life. Great book; and my customers like it too."
Debora Ashay Day , Founder Ashay by the

“Parents and teachers who want to expose children to "values" learning and clarification will find Soul Vision Works books a valuable resource. Disabilities, What Makes Me Beautiful and Adapt are particularly powerful and will likely have a lasting positive impact on young readers. The clear text and attractive illustrations are right on target!”
Professor Jeff Lambert, Director- Special Educational Service & Achievement Studies - Long IslandUniversity

“You should try books written by David and Mutiya Vision. They deal with real life issues and put things in a way that kids can visualize. We had the pleasure of meeting them and their kids and that family is awesome. It would make you proud to know that you are buying books from authors who live what they write. I've seen it in action and own their work. Believe me you won't be sorry.”
Rose (Hyppolite) Jones

"The Land of Expression is a wonderful book that deals with teaching values of respect, compassion, and celebrating differences...No one who reads and experiences it can fail to be enriched deeply." Read more...
James A Cox, Editor-in-Chief, The Midwest Book Review

“I loved the books! They were eye-catching and colorful. It was nice to see a series of books that dealt with real life situations in a positive light. Most of the time we're not offered solutions to situations, but in your books, you did.”
Jean Jones, 6th Grade Teacher- KAPPA V

“The Land of Expression is one of the most interesting children's books I have read in quite some time now. A teacher or parent could and should be able to get a lot of mileage out of this one. The author's are obviously natural story tellers and are able to articulate their stories perfectly through the written word. They and the illustrator are in perfect harmony with their message. The art work in this little book is absolutely brilliant! This one should be on the shelf of ever school library and on the shelf on any thoughtful child. I do highly recommend it."
Don Blankenship, The Ozarks

"This picture book is a wonderful lesson in diversity. It is an excellent tool to teach self-worth to children of color and non-color alike. This team of creators have produced a visual lesson in the importance of allowing diversity to come together; that everyone or color has its roles to play."
Bob Spear, Publisher & Chief Reviewer - Heartland Reviews

"The Land of Expression is a heartwarming tale of appreciating each others' differences and acknowledging that we all play a unique part in creating a larger whole. It is a touching, delightful, beautifully and vibrantly illustrated story with a gentle message of how we should all respect and be tolerant of others and work together to form a greater good."
Wendy Thomas

“The books that I read of Mutiya Vision and her husband David Vision were great. It gives children information in a fun and educational way. One book even talked about children with disabilities and how they can excel at whatever they put their minds to. Mutiya and her husband are really talented.”
Keyanna Wilson, Age 11

“Referring to If Only Could: I really like this book... it teaches you to never give up and stay determined. I highly recommend this book.”
Isaiah Johnson, Age 11

“I like the illustrations and the colors in "What Makes Me Beautiful." and the story helped me understand that I am beautiful no matter how I look.”
Naomi Johnson, Age 6

"The message of this picture book (The Land of Expression) was a simple one. We need to accept people for who they are no matter what our differences. The illustrations were vibrant and a necessary part of the story."
Sandra Stiles-Musings of a Book Addict

 "The Land of Expression is a lovely book. Children will love it for the fun pictures and bright colors throughout. Parents will love it because it teaches valuable lessons. It teaches (children) not to bully those who are different from us because we all have a purpose and something to offer. I would recommend this to any parent raising a child in today's multi-cultural society."

Posted by Carter Martina-Creative Chronicler

 “I love the characters in the books and the pictures.”If Only I Could" is one of my favorites because it helps me not to get mad when I make mistakes.”
Kialah Jacobs-7 yrs. Old

“This series can be used as an authentic learning curriculum, because through reading, students will study the human condition and come away with an understanding of the power of literature. In a culture where children are being raised to be mindless consumers, these books celebrate the kind of communities that prepare children to be positive adults.”
Susan Molholm, Reading Coach P.S. 81

“If Only I Could! and Adapt are two books that could be so helpful to parents who have trouble communicating with their children. They help explain how a child can develop self-control. It does it in a beautiful and charming way without being didactic.”
Lois Turchin, Retired Reading & ESL Teacher and Grandmother

"What Makes Me Beautiful" – “What an amazing children's book that speaks to the heart of what it means to be human. I recommend that everyone read this book as a reminder of what really makes each and everyone of us beautiful.”
Elraka Banks, Account Manager- Visual Thesaurus - Thinkmap

“What Makes Me Beautiful is a powerful book for young people especially because it shows beauty as an attribute rather than a physical trait.”
Phyllis Brown-Richardson Adjunct Asst. Professor Sociology - Long Island University

“The Smith family really enjoyed Adapt, Missing You and If Only I Could. The characters were colorful and vibrant and expressed lots of emotions. The art work was superb. My eleven year old and seven year old really appreciated the stories.”
LaChonne Walton Smith, John Knight Smith, Avery and Aaron Smith

"This Real-Life Situational Read reinforces family values that are easily picked up by the Kiddo's through the awesome colorful illustrations! It is a super conversation starter, and even gives the Kiddo's a glossary of new words in the back of the book. With another school year underway, I highly recommend reading this book with your child! It will help them to think about how their actions affect other classmates."
Jill Page - Frugal Plus

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